Strength through diversity (Links to an external site)

Through its invigorated Supplier Diversity Initiative, the university awarded nearly one-fourth of all new construction projects to women and minority business enterprises and offered further support through coaching and free business courses. Read how Washington University is building a bigger, better construction industry.

$1 billion Medical Campus revitalization (Links to an external site)

A $1 billion investment in the Washington University Medical Campus is delivering better outcomes for patients and better experiences for visitors. Watch how two new towers on the Washington University Medical Campus are supporting cancer patients and mothers and infants.

Healthier schools (Links to an external site)

Washington University is part of collaboration bringing school-based health centers into high-need schools. Read more about Jason Purnell, an associate professor in the Brown School, and his work to build healthier school communities that foster student success.

STEMpact strives to close the skills gap (Links to an external site)

Washington University’s Institute for School Partnership has united with leading employers to form STEMpact, an organization dedicated to improving science, technology, engineering and math education when it matters most — elementary school. Learn how STEM-capable teachers are preparing students for tomorrow’s jobs.

Sparking curiosity (Links to an external site)

Sparking curiosity

The Young Scientist Program introduces students from St. Louis-area public schools to scientific research and careers in science. Read more about YSP’s 27-year legacy.

Searching for cures (Links to an external site)

Alzheimer’s disease and sleep.

Washington University researchers received $711.8 million in 2018 to conduct groundbreaking studies on some of society’s most vexing challenges. Read more about one such study that explores the link between Alzheimer’s disease and sleep.

Cortex Innovation Community (Links to an external site)

Washington University is both a founding benefactor and beneficiary of the Cortex Innovation Community, a bioscience and technology hub. Read how Cortex is supporting an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship and spurring new residential and retail development.

Alumni revitalize Gateway Arch (Links to an external site)

Washington University alumni played a pivotal role in recent transformation of the Gateway Arch grounds and museum. Read more about the leaders who came to St. Louis for a world-class education and stayed to revitalize its iconic landmark.

New life for historic buildings (Links to an external site)

Washington University transformed the historic Shriners Hospital for Children and the old Central Institute for the Deaf (CID) into newly renovated apartments. Read how the new development honors these structures’ heritage.

Leading consumer of building trades (Links to an external site)

From 2013 through 2018, Washington University has spent over $2.5 billion on purchasing and construction. Currently hundreds construction workers are completing the Transformation of the East End of the Danforth Campus, the largest construction project in our history. Read more about the East End Transformation and other projects.

Benefits that support employees, serve St. Louis (Links to an external site)

St. Louis Homes

Washington University’s generous benefits support employees and region. The university provides free Metro passes to students and employees, which improves the air quality for all St. Louisans. Washington University also offers forgivable home loans to help with the purchase of a home in St. Louis neighborhoods through its housing assistance program, Live Near Your Work. Read how Live Near Your Work is helping to strengthen nearby neighborhoods.

Windmiller reflects on Ferguson Commission’s work ​​ (Links to an external site)

Composed of 16 community members, the Ferguson Commission convened three months after the shooting death of Michael Brown. Commissioners have traveled across the region to learn more about the issues that divide St. Louis and to set priorities. Next, the commission will find ways to put its ideas into action. Rose Windmiller, associate vice chancellor for Government & Community Relations and North St. Louis County native, says implementation is ‘where the rubber hits the road.’