In fiscal year 2021, Washington University in St. Louis directly contributed $2.9 billion to the St. Louis economy and  supported more than 47,000 jobs in the St. Louis region.

At Washington University in St. Louis, we are proud to be part of the Greater St. Louis region. As we have grown as a global leader in teaching, research and patient care, we have strengthened our local economy, adding jobs, expanding our network of health care providers and facilities, and supporting local businesses, schools and community organizations.

In 2021, Washington University supported more than 47,000 jobs in the St. Louis region and directly contributed $2.9 billion to the local economy and attracted $879 million from outside the region in research funding.

St. Louis has given Washington University much in return. Our faculty, staff and students enjoy all St. Louis has to offer — a thriving startup scene, historic neighborhoods, leading cultural institutions and, of course, St. Louis Cardinals baseball. And just as St. Louis makes Washington University stronger, we are committed to making St. Louis stronger, too.