Washington University does not make financial contributions to the campaigns of political candidates, nor does it engage in campaign activities for political candidates.  

There can be confusion in reading through certain reports of campaign contributions to a political candidate, some of which incorrectly suggest that a candidate has received a contribution from Washington University. This is because individual citizens making personal contributions that exceed $200 in aggregate to the campaign of a political candidate are required by the Federal Election Commission to identify their occupation and employer. Such contributions are never made by the university. 

Nonprofits like Washington University (501c3 organizations) legally are not allowed to contribute to the campaigns of political candidates. Similarly, the university also does not pressure or advocate that its employees make individual contributions to any political candidate campaigns.

 The university does engage in lobbying activity on issues important to the university’s mission.  It can also contribute to issue campaigns, such as the Medicaid expansion effort in 2020.  For further information, please see the university’s Guidance on Political, Lobbying and Campaign Activity.