Here is information about Washington University projects and activities of note around the Danforth Campus.

Move In Mailing for Off Campus Students

2023-2024 AY Student Mailer Ames Place, Rosedale Heights, Washington Ave., Kingsbury Blvd.

2023-2024 AY Student Mailer Forsyth

2023-2024 AY Student Mailer Parkview Gardens

2023-2024 AY Student Mailer University Drive

2023-2024 AY Student Mailer Skinker DeBaliviere, Digital

Mobility Safety Improvements at Skinker Boulevard and Forest Park Parkway

Washington University is investing in mobility safety improvements to the Skinker Boulevard and Forest Park Parkway intersection. The project plan calls for the following:

  • Improvements to ADA accessibility at the corners of the intersection
  • Adjustments in signal operations to reduce conflicts and allow more time for pedestrians to cross
  • New pedestrian ADA compliant cross walk buttons and audio signals
  • Modifications to make crosswalks highly visible
  • Separate crosswalks for bicycles and pedestrians similar to the approach implemented at the Skinker and Lindell and Skinker and Forsyth intersections. 
  • Installation of stainless steel bollards at the corners to enhance awareness for drivers and pedestrians.

WashU is managing these improvements in partnership with the City of St. Louis’s Board of
Public Service. Improvements to this intersection are anticipated to continue through late September, with regular work hours between 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday- Friday. In times of excessive heat, the City of St. Louis has agreed to allow work hours to begin as early as 6 a.m. and continue to 3 p.m. Monday-Friday. There will be one or two nights of overnight paving work, as coordinated with and permitted by the City of St Louis. The university does not yet have a timeline for that part of the work. While this work is under way, there will be traffic delays due to lane impacts, as well as a need to re-route pedestrians and cyclists.

If you have any questions, please contact Redell Hendricks or JoAnna Schooler in our office at 314-935-5297 or 314-935-5752, respectively. 

Concordia Seminary & Washington University Redevelopment Proposal

Concordia Seminary and Washington University, working with the City of Clayton, held community meetings in June and July to discuss potential ways to utilize land that both institutions already own to meet future needs. The discussion focused on long-range development and use planning. Residents had their first opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the proposal. The presentation is provided below; further information about the proposal can be found at